Uneven body skin texture and wrinkles

When it comes to aging skin, the neck and chest are among the first areas to show visible signs of wear and tear. Laser treatments may be just the solutions you need to restore your youthful look and boost your confidence. Improve skin thickness and tone while reducing signs of aging with these procedures.

When you schedule with us, we will take the necessary time to find the right combination of treatments to reverse signs of aging and restore youthful radiance to your skin.



Nordlys Superficial Skin Resurfacing

The Frax 1940 is a superficial resurfacing laser that uses shallow energy pulses to improve the look and feel of your skin. If you have fine lines and discoloration on your neck, chest or hands, this treatment will help rejuvenate those areas by creating heat in the skin, without injuring the surface of the skin, stimulating cellular repair. The treatment is FDA approved for all skin types with minimal downtime. Additionally, after treatments medical-grade skincare products are 17x more available for the skin to restore a smooth, more even-toned appearance.

Nordlys Deep Skin Resurfacing

The Frax 1550 laser uses deeper pulses of energy to achieve improvement of photoaging. The Frax lasers use a fractional approach which means that the treatment is delivered through thousands of tiny columns of heat that leave surrounding skin untreated. This method reduces the number of complications and lessens the recovery period while achieving smoother skin with less wrinkles. Additionally collagen and elastin formation is stimulated contributing to a more youthful appearance of your skin. The Nordlys Frax 1550 laser can be used alone, or with the Frax 1940, for tailored facial and body sun damage repair.


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