Acne and acne scarring

Acne and acne scarring are some of the most difficult skin conditions to treat. They can take a long time to clear up and can often return when you least expect it. Two of the top methods for treating both acne and acne scarring are the Nordlys Candela SWT technology and the Frax 1550 laser resurfacing.

When you schedule with us, we will take the necessary time to find the right combination of laser and professional skincare treatments to reverse signs of acne and acne scarring to restore a healthy radiance to your skin.


Nordlys Candela SWT

If you're looking for a gentle, effective way to clear acne, look no further than the Nordlys Candela SWT. No topical numbing is required as many patients say that the treatments have minimal discomfort, like a flick from a rubber band followed by a warm sensation. This device sends light wavelengths directly to the blood vessels that supply your skin’s natural oil glands called sebum. Decreased blood supply diminishes oil production which then helps acne heal faster. These treatments, combined with lifestyle modifications and good skin hygiene, deliver safe, effective results.

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Nordlys Frax 1550

For persistent, deep acne and scars, the Nordlys Frax 1550 is your go-to device. This device helps to use your body’s own wound healing process to remodel the skin with new collagen and elastin formation that leads to decreased pore size, diminished inflammation, and a reduction in scar thickness. A series of Frax 1550 treatments helps to restore your smooth, healthy skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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